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PLEASE TRANSLATE THIS IN YOUR LANGUAGE The internationalisation of this template is to ease the transfert of demographic datas between language versions (just a drag and drop).

The first version of this template was created in french fr:Modèle:Demography 7col.

The project is to present the demographic evolution of a spot (city, shire,..) in a table of 7 columns.


Use the template as follows with the size (instead of 510px), the years and datas of your own :

{{Demography 7col|510px|[[1962]]|[[1968]]|[[1975]]|[[1982]]|[[1990]]|[[1999]]|[[2005]]

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Шаблон:Demography 7col. Численность населения в {{{2}}} — {{{8}}} годах
{{{2}}} {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}} {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
{{{9}}} {{{10}}} {{{11}}} {{{12}}} {{{13}}} {{{14}}} {{{15}}}