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EJWiki.org is Academic Wiki-encyclopedia in Russian On Jewish and Israeli topics

Project goal is consolidation in unified resource of all qualitative, academically reliable, and qualified information on all Jewish and Israeli topics in Russian-speaking Internet.


The problem of existing encyclopedic systems

Lately Internet encyclopedias like "Wikipedia" gained huge popularity. They systematize, organize and allow numerous enthusiasts to add information, and therefore these encyclopedias grow quickly, becoming the central informational resource of the Web.

However, in questions related to Jews, Judaism, Israel, etc. materials of Russian Wikipedia are extremely incompetent and often even misleading. Here the ignorance and illiteracy play their roles on one hand, while on the other hand an "intellectual anti-Semitism" is quite developed today even among educated Russians; consequently, numerous issues related to Judaism and Israel are presented rather perversely. Our many efforts to correct the situation in Wikipedia do not bring positive result, as there are plenty of incompetent and even hopelessly anti-Jewish users, and all our efforts to correct the text of the articles are quickly thwarted.

Informational support of Israel

In modern world the informational war is one of the most important factors of our existence. Particularly, the unscrupulous and fabricated information about Judaism and Israel plays huge role in this reality. Thus there is a great need in development of Internet-resource, which would systematically produce crisp and clear information on all kinds of controversial and “conflicting” problems in this area.

That said, it is important, that the provided information would be precise and academically reliable, which would allow the wide range of Jewish users cite it and competently retort various attacks.

Description of the project

To solve the problem we have created Ejwiki – Academic Wiki Encyclopedia on Jewish and Israeli topics. Ejwiki grants editing rights to qualified authors only. It will incorporate all the qualified materials about Jewishness in Russian and become main source of reliable and organized knowledge about Jewish Nation and its culture.

Today “Ejwiki” system consists of two projects – Ejwiki-encyclopedia and Ejwiki-publication.

The goal of Ejwiki-Publication project is to allow every creative and competent participant to establish their own section and maintain the publication of their research, essays (all with their copyright privileges), discussions with the audience, etc.

The directions of further development of Ejwiki

The lunching of project

  • Ejwiki-encyclopedia and
  • Ejwiki-publication

is merely initial phase of system development. Subsequently other projects will be opened:

  • Ejwiki-TaNaKh for presenting Tanakh with the commentaries,
  • Ejwiki-Societal for maintenance of “current issues sites” by various communities, clubs, and other groups (including their individual logos and design),
  • Ejwika-Learning for systematization and use of training courses, teaching materials, etc. based on well tuned, multi-level Jewish online-study system.